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Cybercriminal activity is on the rise… What we are doing to protect your data

October 30, 2018

Any business that deals with financial data is a target for today’s aggressive cybercriminals…and accounting firms are not exempt. Because of the sensitive information we possess, accounting professionals have moved to the top of the hacker’s hit list. Just consider that a single tax return includes the taxpayer’s name and Social Security Number, as well as address, phone number and bank account numbers. It’s a treasure trove of sensitive data that cybercriminals crave.

“Cybercrimes increased by 36% world-wide last year alone.” (Research by Symantec)

At PrimeNumbers, we are well aware of the ongoing rise of cybercriminal activity. We are also aware that 91% of successful cybersecurity hacks start with a simple email. The rise in phishing scams and malicious links in emails means that we can no longer use email as a primary mode of client data and communication exchange.

So, the big question is: What are we doing to protect you?

The answer: Everything in our power!

Because the majority of security breaches start with an email, we are moving client communications out of highly insecure email altogether. Over the years, we started transitioning clients away from email by moving to portals. However, the next big phase of protecting your data is here with our transition to Liscio—our military-grade, multi-factor authentication secure sharing platform. Liscio is an invite-only solution that keeps all communication and data exchange between our firm and our clients. No more emails that bounce across multiple servers before getting to the intended recipient. Liscio supports direct, secure communication between our team and you.

The alarming rise in cybercriminal activity is something we don’t take lightly. Our focus is always on protecting your data, which is why we continue to research and vet newer and better technologies. Liscio is the profession’s premium data and communication sharing platform. So, make sure you set up your Liscio account immediately and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is safe.

Please contact our firm directly with any questions regarding Liscio and setting up your account.

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